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"Here is a Great 9 Step Plan That is Helping Social Security Disability and SSI Claimants Get Their Benefits from the Social Security Administration in Record Time!"



Getting Social Security Disability Benefits: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan is a downloadable eBook Written by an Ex-Disability Claims Examiner That Shows You How to Navigate the SSA System. You Will Be Able to Provide Your Examiner with the Correct Information Needed So That If You Are Disabled, and Can No Longer Work, You Can Receive Your Benefits in the Least Amount of Time!


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Discover secrets about the disability determination process that only an insider can give you.


With your 9 Steps to Getting Social Security Disability Action Plan, you can:


·      Go through the disability determination process prepared for anything.


·     Describe your disability using the same words and terms your disability examiner and medical consultants use.


·     Know whether you have a realistic chance of winning your claim.


·      Get a quicker decision by knowing when to check on your claim at just the right time.


·     Understand the clues found in your approval (or denial) letter that will help you determine your next best course of action.


·      Know who to turn to for help in appealing and winning your claim if you are denied.





From the Desk of: Loretta Crosby




Author, Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan


Dear Disability Applicant or Advocate:


Yes it’s true! The 9 Step Disability Individual Action Plan is an instantly downloadable eBook put together by an ex Social Security Disability Claims Examiner, and is designed to help you get an accurate disability decision in the least amount of time!


Having served as a disability adjudicator in two southeastern states, the author has processed thousands of adult claims for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income benefits.


Loretta Crosby is the editor and publisher of, a popular informational site that receives more than 14,000 page views each month from individuals just like you who want to learn more about the disability process and what it takes to get a favorable decision on your claim.


"Now, you should note that I am not promising that you will win your disability claim as a lot of authors would, because there are just too many variables involved in the process for me to make a bold claim like that. 


"Still, what I can and will say is that if you want to be clear about what will or will not help you when you apply for disability as seen from the eyes of a disability examiner, then this Guide will be of tremendous assistance to you, and you should read on."




Because the 9 Step Plan will teach you how to complete your disability application using the same words and language the examiner and medical consultants use when deciding your claim. Why is it important to speak the same language? ...  So that nothing gets lost in the translation!


It’s called the language of “function”, and I will show you the exact words to use in describing how you are functioning now versus how you used to function prior to your impairment.


Did You Know that ...

Claims Examiners Really Want to Allow Your Disability Claim


You probably know that many disability claims are denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) -- as high as two thirds of initial applications or more in some states.


But what you might not know is that disability examiners receive no instructions to deny two out of every three claims. They are actually told to do whatever they can to allow your claim.


I know. Shocking … but true.


So what really happens after the examiner starts collecting your medical records, work history and other vocational information? What happens to make it all turn out so bad for 70% of applicants?


I would have to say that I really do not know, but like most folks, I do have a theory.


You see, while SSA trains its examiners to do all they can to collect enough information to approve your claim -- if at all possible – it, at the same time, instructs them and their medical consultants to focus almost exclusively on determining an applicant’s “residual functioning capacity”. This is what a claimant is still able to do or not do given his or her particular impairments.


So, it could be legitimately said that disability examiners -- and the medical consultants whom they collaborate with on your claim -- really do not care how exotic sounding or typical your medical diagnosis might be, they care only about determining one thing, and one thing only:


"Can this individual do the basic 'functions' that are required in a work environment, whether it be his past work or other work he might learn to do, based on his age, education, work exertional level and previous work skill level."


This, of course, presumes that your medical records do indicate the presence of a severe, potentially disabling impairment.


Some conditions that you might consider disabling are not considered severe by SSA. Such information is included in the 9 Step Plan to help you decide whether your claim will past the severity test.


So what this 9 Step guide will teach you is how to present your case to the disability examiner so that he or she fully and clearly understands how your medical and/or psychological conditions limit your ability to “function” on a job, any job. And the Plan will show you what you need to do to keep the ball rolling on your claim so that you get an accurate decision as quickly as possible.


Now those are ambitious goals, but I can tell you that it is very possible to do when you use the information taught in this 9 Step Plan…


You get insider information from an ex Claims Examiner to guide you through the process …


The writer has processed adult Social Security Disability and SSI claims in two southeastern states, and knows what the Disability Determination Services' staff need in order to prove your allegation that you are disabled.


·       She knows the five steps, or hurdles, that you need to pass before you will be granted benefits, and shows you the best way to get over each of those hurdles. The Five Step Sequential Evaluation, as it is called internally, can be hard to navigate without a guide, but with this 9 Step Plan, you won’t have to go it alone.



·      Knowing when to check on your claim is pivotal in getting a fast decision. How to go about doing this correctly will be revealed to you in the Guide. In fact, some of it is already posted at




"I am a volunteer with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society who helps people with MS apply for SSDI. I have been doing so since 1997 and done much research on my own, but the 9 Step book has filled in some major gaps in my knowledge. Until now, I have never had access to any information from 'the inside.' I had only guesses about procedures based on experience with clients. This resource is a treasure!"

From: R Pursley as posted on SS Disability ESP Forum


You get step-by-step details from someone who can show you the way …


So, you can see that sharing information about the disability determination process, and how to move through the system is not something the author just started doing.


Over the years, hundreds of thousands have visited her disability site to gather insights on how to win their disability claim, so some of the general information is already out there.


But, this 9 Step Plan makes it easy to access the required information that you need throughout every phase of the disability process. This is information you will have at your fingertips at the precise moment your need it.


If you want to learn how to get a quick and accurate decision on your claim, then this information packed 9 Step guide helps you do just that!


Here are just some of the tips and techniques you will discover using this 9 Step guide:


·       How to prepare yourself mentally as you enter the disability determination process. Step 1 gives you an introduction to the process, together with resources you might elect to take advantage of when your $$ is low.



·       The exact terms to use when you describe your “functional limitations” that you are experiencing as a result of your impairment. In Step 2 you will learn the language of function and how to best describe your past work history so that it is most telling.



·       You will know the right time to check the status of your application so your claim stays at the top of the disability examiner’s stack of claims. The information in Step 3, when applied, leads you to getting a quicker decision on your claim.



·       Want to know how to find out if you qualify for immediate, expedited disability benefits which are payable while your claim is being processed? Step 4 introduces you to the Presumptive Disability (PD) program, and specifies which type of claims are considered for the financial and medical benefits attached to this Program.



·       Since medical records are the heart of your claim, you get information on how to assist in getting those records to your examiner if there is a snag. You will see what vocational functions are evaluated in the assessment of your claim, and are given a sample description of how to describe your work limitations. Step 5 also includes a sample letter that your treating physician might be persuaded to write in support of your claim.



·       Do you know whether SSA even considers your medical condition a severe, disabling one? Does being blind in one eye qualify, or being deaf in one ear? In Step 6, you will learn just a few conditions that will not get you benefits, no matter how well you present your case.



·         Should you try to work while awaiting a decision on your claim? The answer in Step 7 is probably not the one that you will ever hear from your claims examiner.



·      There are clues in your "Notice of Decision" letter that SSA sends to you after your claim is decided. Showing you how to proceed if you are approved for benefits or are denied is all a part of what Step 8 walks you through.



·       Finally, even if you have given it your best shot and your claim is denied, you will know when and how to get help with appealing your denial. You might even save a lot of money on attorney contingency fees in the process when you read Step 9 very carefully.




"This little disability resource offers peace of mind…"



9 Step Disability GuideGetting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan will guide you step-by-step to:


·       Become familiar and comfortable with the disability process so you are not intimidated by it.



·     Complete your application with a focus on function. Determining your functional limitations is what the examiner and medical consultants will be focusing on.


·     Get a quicker decision by knowing when to follow-up on the status of your claim.



·     Get an accurate decision by knowing how to present your documents, and prompting other third parties to the claim to do the same.



·       You will soon know how to read the clues found in your approval or denial letter so you know how to best proceed. This Plan spills the beans on what your chances for success really are if you decide to pursue an appeal.



·          and much much MORE!


Who benefits from the information in this 9 Step Action Plan?


 Claimants who have already applied for SSDI or SSI benefits. You will be able to update your application with additional information if you left anything out that you think needs to be included as a result of reading this Guide;



 Disabled persons who are thinking about applying for disability benefits. You will know what to do going into the process, what to expect, and how to proceed coming out of the process;



 Disability Advocates, Claimant Representatives, Disability Paralegals, and Disability Attorneys who want to familiarize themselves with the internal Disability Determination Services process so they can better assist their clients;



 Friends and relatives of persons who are applying for disability benefits;



 Anyone who assists persons with disabilities or wants to know more about the vocational and medical aspect of getting Social Security disability benefits; and



 Anyone who wants the most accurate Social Security Disability or SSI decision in the least amount of time!



"Almost 80% of favorable decisions on claims for Social Security disability benefits are made at the initial and reconsideration levels by state (and some federal) disability examiners. Administrative law judges at the next higher level account for only 20% of favorable claim decisions. (Social Security Advisory Board, Feb. 2012). So as an attorney grounded in disability law I consider guides written by former disability examiners (DEs) to be uniquely valuable. One such guide is Getting Social Security Disability by former DE Loretta Crosby, who shows readers how interact effectively with disability examiners at the initial and reconsideration levels.

"In particular, I like the timeline Ms. Crosby lays out for encouraging and assisting a DE's complete development of a disability claim till it is ready for decision. She describes what an applicant can usefully do 30, 45, and 60 days after filing the claim, and suggests diplomatic ways to ask things of disability examiners....I value her insights.

"Ms.Crosby's book is a useful part of my library and I think it is well worth reading by people planning to apply for disability benefits."

-- Amazon Review--


This Guide is invaluable ...


  In addition to all of the above, the 9 Step Guide:


  • Gives you five proven stress busters to use while you await a decision on your claim 
  • Helps you become aware of when your claim will be assessed for a mental impairment, even if you do not allege a mental disability 
  • Shows you how to list medications the right way on your initial application 
  • Lets you determine the best time to report any new medical information to your examiner so that it does not slow down processing of your claim 
  • Gives you a list of several medical conditions that will automatically qualify you for expedited benefits or a quick claim approval, and 
  • You will know what it really means when you are asked to attend a Consultative Exam (CE) 


How much will this 9 Step Guide Cost?


Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan is a concise guide (about 100 pages) that has sold for $18.

Comparable online eBooks might sell for $27.00 or more, but the author--who has been an advocate for the economically disadvantaged and for persons with disabilities for most of her professional career--understands that  while $18.00 is a great value, that a lower price tag will allow even more persons to benefit from this solid insider information.

So, the price of this 9-Step disability guide has been set to just $9.99.  That’s right. If you respond right away, you pay the discounted price of only $9.99!




You can’t lose with our 100% money-back guarantee 


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


No Worries with our 60 day money-back guarantee. Your purchase is risk free. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, get a full refund.


Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, 100%, no questions asked, iron-clad money back guarantee.


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 60 days and receive 100% of your purchase price.


That means you get to try it out for 60 days risk free!


If the 9 Steps in this Individual Action Plan does not help you get more comfortable with the disability determination process, help you focus on how to describe your disability in a language that SSA and DDS staff understands, if you decide it will not help you navigate more effectively as you prepare your claim, or you think that it doesn’t have the essential information you need in order to get an accurate and quick decision on your claim, then I will gladly issue you a full refund upon request within 60 days.


Here’s how to order right now for just $18.00!

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[Note: This eBook has information for the Social Security Disability System in the US only.]


9 Step Disability GuideIn just a few minutes you could be reading the eBook and using the strategies from the Plan to get a faster, more accurate decision on your claim. 


Remember, you can give your claims examiner exactly what he or she needs to make the best decision on your claim in the fastest time possible. Learn how with this 9 Step Individual Action Plan at your fingertips.


Why go through the complex disability process all by yourself when you don’t have to? You now have a way to lessen the stress of it all and increase the possibility of being successful in getting your Social Security Disability or SSI benefits.


Do it all without an attorney, or learn when you will definitely need an attorney or representative to assist you. It’s all in this easy to use 9 Step Plan for Getting Disability.


This guide is affordable so go ahead and order your copy today, totally risk free with our 60-day iron clad money back guarantee.


Wishing you much success with your claim,

Loretta Crosby


P S  I 

Not yet convinced this little guide will help you with your Social Security Disability claim? Not to worry, there is a lot of information on my website which you can access for free. But this Individual Action Plan e-book helps you to capture the essence of what information your claims examiner requires by law in order to approve your application. With an emphasis on how to document your functional abilities and disabilities, you will begin to think about and highlight the “functional” aspect of your disability in all your interactions with your disability examiner, and consequently have a greater chance of getting a favorable decision on your claim. And that’s money you can take to the bank (actually, your benefit check will be directly deposited into your checking or savings account if you are approved!) 




The price on this valuable, insider resource is just $9.99, that's a significant savings off the regular  price of $18. At this low price, you are advised that the price could go up without notice... so act now to lock in at this value-added rate.



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Are you still reading? I know you feel your fears melting away as you realize that you can get your very own copy of “Getting Social Security Disability: Your 9 Step Individual Action Plan”  risk free at an affordable price, and with our 60-day unconditional money back guarantee, what do your have to lose? 



Hey, it’s smart to save money and your purchase really is risk free. Why go it alone with the SSA when you can have this insider information with you every step of the way. So don’t delay. Act now!







Very informative! This was very informative. It guides you through the process and speaks plainly. I understood it because it is written in layman's language and I didn't have to get a dictionary to go along with the book.…”

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